Choose A Location

As a Situ user you’ll have access to our vast library of 360 degree location videos, all ready and waiting for you to use in your pre-visualisation, pitch and live presentations.

Add Your Creative

In Situ, it’s easy to add your creative to a location. No ‘Photoshop’ skills required. Simply upload your images or videos then drag and drop!

Present Live

Share your projects with your clients, and present live in real time. View shared projects in the web browser, our mobile app, or in virtual reality.

Simple Web Tool. Powerful Creative Pre-Visualisation.

We designed Situ so anyone can use it. No ‘Photoshop’ experience required.

Drag & Drop

Situ features a simple drag & drop web interface. Add artwork to billboards, video to digital displays and audio to speakers, to truly experience a campaign before going live in the real world.

Craft Creative Journeys & Learn.

Situ enables you to build presentations with multiple locations and creative options. Experience your customer journey from start to finish. Pre-visualise every angle and every creative option to refine the perfect outcome.

Share & Present Live

Share projects with colleagues or clients to view on their desktop device, in the mobile app or in VR. Situ is the perfect way for brands, advertising, media and research agencies to experience campaigns before investing in the real world.

Present Your Way.

Situ is the real-time presentation tool for the VR age. Whether you present on the web, smartphones, TVs or in virtual reality, you can share your projects with your clients and present live in real time on any platform.

Situ is compatible with Google Cardboard, Daydream and many other mobile VR headsets.

Use handheld mode on mobile devices or tablets to experience creative in Situ.

Present in the web browser on your laptop or desktop computer.

Present at the front of the room on your boardroom TV.

360° Location Library

360° content creation has never been this easy!

Can’t Shoot 360 Videos? No Problem! Use Ours.

Every Situ user has total access to our 360 degree video library. Add locations to your project with a single click and customise them to suit your creative needs.

Own Media? We Can Add It To The Library For You.

We’re working with media owners around the world to capture their assets and add them to our Library. If you’re a media owner get in touch.

Add Your Own Locations.

Soon you’ll be able to easily upload your own 360 videos to the Situ Location Library, and publish them for Situ users to incorporate into their pitches and campaigns.

Reimagine Everything

Creative Agencies

Pitch smarter and present more effectively. Your presentations will be truly engaging and will close deals faster. Let your client experience the campaign through the eyes of their target market.


Use Situ as an internal tool to help decide what creative works best for you. Use Situ as a simple presentation tool, or even use it to help with store layouts. The possibilities are endless.

Media Agencies

Take your client on a journey through the eyes of their target market. Situ empowers clients with the ability to make decisions faster and with more certainty.

Research Agencies

Research has changed forever. Situ truly engages research participants to get real results. Gather analytics on responses and find out what they think rather than what they say.