SITU360 has been designed to be super simple, yet incredibly powerful. SITU is used by primary school teachers and students, and is also used by professionals to create some of the most complex 360° experiences available. Our intuitive drag & drop toolset lets a novice create a simple and beautiful tour in minutes, or if you’re a pro designer, videographer, brand or agency, the same toolset can be harnessed to create incredibly intricate and engaging experiences.

[{"id": "Set the scene","title": "Set the scene","description": "

Choose the backdrop for your 360 experience either by uploading 360 image/video files that you've taken or alternatively, take your pick from SITU's curated library of 360 scenes, ready to use, and high quality.<\/p>","details": {"type": "uploadmedia","content": [{"type": "upload","icon": "img","title": "Images","recommended": "JPEG (From 2k up to 16k resolution)"},{"type": "upload","icon": "vid","title": "Video","recommended": "MP4 (4096x2048)"},{"type": "library","icon": "lib","title": "Libraries","libraries": [{"label": "Locations"},{"label": "Advertising"}]}]},"media": {"type": "img","src": "/images/graphics/features/setscene.jpg"}},{"id": "Personalise","title": "Personalise","description": "

Express your vision by personalising your scenes with text, media, hyperlinks and waypoints.<\/p>","details": {"type": "cardgrid","content": [{"icon": "feat_text","title": "Text","description": "Add exposition to your scenes without sacrificing immersion by adding text labels and descriptions."},{"icon": "feat_media","title": "Media","description": "Add images or video into your scene to enhance your user's experience."},{"icon": "feat_links","title": "Hyperlinks","description": "Expand the scope of your experiences by adding hyperlinks to send users to a website of your choosing."},{"icon": "feat_waypoints","title": "Waypoints","description": "Allow users to traverse multiple scenes naturally by adding waypoint markers."}]},"media": {"type": "img","src": "/images/graphics/features/personalise.jpg"}},{"id": "Share","title": "Share your experience","description": "

Share your 360 creation with the world in a manner that suits your needs.<\/p>","details": {"type": "sharing","content": [{"icon": "sharing_community","title": "Community","options": [{"label": "Portfolio"}]},{"icon": "sharing_private","title": "Private sharing","options": [{"label": "Restricted access URL"}]},{"icon": "sharing_public","title": "Public sharing","options": [{"label": "Public URL"},{"label": "Website embed code"}]}]},"media": {"type": "img","src": "/images/graphics/features/sharing.jpg"}},{"id": "Devices","title": "Perfect on any device","description": "

SITU360 is a web based platform, meaning that your experience will look and feel fantastic, regardless of the device you are viewing on.<\/p>","details": {"type": "devicelist","content": [{"icon": "device_create","title": "Creating","devices": [{"label": "Desktop"}]},{"icon": "device_view","title": "Viewing","devices": [{"label": "Mobile"},{"label": "Tablet"},{"label": "Desktop"},{"label": "Daydream supported devices"}]}]},"media": {"type": "img","src": "/images/graphics/features/devices.jpg"}},{"id": "Always evolving","title": "Always evolving","description": "

By using SITU you can rest assured that you'll have access to the best 360 experience tool on the web with regular additions and improvements to SITU's features and scene library.<\/p>","media": {"type": "img","src": "/images/graphics/features/evolving.jpg"}},{"id": "Tutorials","title": "Become a 360 master","description": "

SITU’s in-depth, step by step tutorials means you can get up and running with the tool fast. Leaving you with more time to experiment and create experiences that best express your visions.<\/p>","link": {"label": "Tutorials","href": "/index.php/tutorials"},"media": {"type": "img","src": "/images/graphics/features/tutorials.jpg"}}]

[{"title":"How do I access to all the SITU360 scene libraries?","description":"In order to access the full SITU360 scene library, you will need to have a Base subscription."},{"title":"Why can't I create any new projects?","description":"The Pro subscription plan has a cap of 8 projects. You can increase this either by purchasing an add-on or upgrading to a Base subcription plan."},{"title":"I am a teacher or school, is there an 'Education Plan'?","description":"Yes there is! Signup as usual and when your 14 day trial is over, you can signup to the Education Plan. Education plans are strictly for education departments, universities, teachers, schools and registered learning courses, so please be sure you fall under this category to sign up to this plan."}]