1. Log In

Log in to your account at app.situ360.com. Fill in your email address and password then click “Login”. You can also reset your password from the SITU home screen, if you forget it.

2. Create a Project

When you first log in you won’t have any projects. To make your first project, click “Create a New Project.” You will need to name your project. Once inside you can add a location by clicking “Add a New Location.”

3. Choose a Template

Projects contain locations, which you can add by selecting one of our templates from the Location Library. Each template comes with a background 360° video and one or more creative placeholders. Once you have selected a location template you will be able to add it to your project.

4. Upload a Background Video

You can also upload your own 360° background videos to use in locations. Simply click “Upload a Background Video”, then drag your video to the newly created location window.

5. Upload Your Creative

Once you are inside your first location you will be able to upload your own .jpg, .png images and .mp4 videos to use on creative placeholders. To upload a file, click “Add Media,” and then drag your creative media files into the box provided.

6. Drag and Drop

Once your files have uploaded, they will appear under Project Media. If you click and drag a file from Project Media onto a creative placeholder, your creative will now be viewable in 360°. You can drag as many pieces of creative media as you wish onto the same placeholder. When you have multiple items attached to a placeholder you can cycle between them. Cycle through media by selecting the placeholder and clicking the left and right arrows, or select a specific item from the placeholder card.

7. Create Your Story

You can add as many locations as you wish to your projects, and you can switch between locations quickly using the Project Locations tab at the bottom of the SITU window. So you can create a journey to take your client through a set of related locations, or show them how your creative works in a variety of different settings. The choice is yours!

8. Share With Clients and Team Members

You can share your project with your clients and team members. Under “Share” in the right panel, click “Invite Someone to View this Project.” Under “Add Invitees,” simply type the email address of the user you would like to share your project with. If they are not already a member of SITU they will be invited as a spectator.

9. Present Live

After you have shared a project you can present it live to everyone it is shared with. Under “Present Live” in the right panel, click “Start a Live Presentation.” When live, any changes you make will be updated in real time. Live presentations can be viewed in VR with the SITU Viewer app.

To get the SITU Viewer app, visit situ360.com/mobile-app.