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The world’s first integrated VR platform that lets you see through the eyes of your consumer – empowering advertising, media and research agencies to experience campaigns before investing in the real world.


“Putting our clients front and centre, in the shoes of their consumers… changes the game for everyone"

 - oOh! Media - 


Reimagine everything


Changing the way your company buys/sells media.



Changing the way your business conducts research.


Creative Content

Changing the way your agency presents creative.


The proprietary Situ system, places users in a 360º virtual world of the consumer, where alternate creative executions are instantly swapped out in ‘real-time’ to research, evaluate and experience creative ‘in situ’ from the consumers’ point-of-view – arming agencies with the power to refine and improve campaigns like never before.


“Situ enables us to refine our clients’ creative in a way never before imagined'

- Publicis Australia -


Experience like never before


Static outdoor

Digital outdoor

Digital panels

Transit media

Radio with ambient sound

Video in alternate environments

Mobile devices used in environment

In-store displays

and more…


Core Situ functionality

360° camera records video of media enviroments.

User uploads proposed media.

Situ then renders the uploaded media in real-time within the 360° video to show how it would look in the real world.

Show on display in real-time 3D environments.


Empowered with foresight


The ability to segment environments by target market and create user journeys for each demographic.

Functionality restriction by user-type (media/creative/strategy/client)

Creation of teams on a per-campaign basis

Housing downloadable finished art templates per site

Siloed logins for use by competing agencies

UI skinable to agency styles

Customer touchpoint mapping and customer journey/experience mapping

Ability to conduct authentic, close-to-real communications research

Showing day/night cycle

Triggered events for presentations

ECG emotion detection though add-on

Switching out execution options in real-time for comparison


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Situ was developed by FGMNT. Technologies in partnership with Publicis Australia to deliver on the promise of VR in the media landscape.


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